Buying property in Cyprus

The beautiful Island of Cyprus is world renowned for its natural beauty, great local cuisine, and hospitality. Sometimes simply coming to Cyprus for a few days of the year is not enough and there are a lot of people who would like to dream of owning a Cyprus property .

The only thing that is stopping them is they are under the mistaken assumption that if they are not citizens they cannot invest in buying property in Cyprus. For those who are not citizens or residents of Cyprus but are interested in a wise property investment like buying property in Limassol, Paphos, Larnaka, Nicosia, Ayia Napa, Protaras and any other resort of Cyprus such as Cyprus Villages, have certain requirements to fulfill. EU citizens usually belong to two categories: those who are EU citizens and have a permanent residence in Cyprus and those who are EU citizens but do not have a permanent residence in Cyprus.

Foreigners who want to buy Cyprus property or who want to go for properties in Cyprus for sale should feel comfortable in investing money because it is very easy that is to say ‘not a hard nut to crack’! Whereas in other countries you would have to pass through difficulties and complexities for either buying or selling property.

The property you can buy in Cyprus is dependent upon your status and in line with its EU accession Cyprus has now lifted some of the previous restrictions on EU citizens.

  • Citizens of EU member states can now purchase any amount of land and property in Cyprus.
  • Non-EU citizens can purchase an apartment, or a house or villa which is under construction or built on an area not exceeding 4.014 square meters .
  • A company with a majority of directors and shareholders who are Europeans or Cypriots can buy any amount of land and property in Cyprus.

Cyprus investment property is also available for people living abroad and also who want to take on land for their various employees. This shows that when you step into Cyprus’ circle of property business there is no turning back or giving a halt because we have so much to offer and with no restrictions –everything is for you and your comfort!

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